Posted on June 14, 2020


As we head into summer, many of us are still busy spring cleaning and checking off our honey-do lists. Now is also the perfect time to think about redoing your outdoor space! What better time to create your own piece of paradise than as the weather gets nicer? Here are 4 reasons why this is the perfect season to transform your backyard into an oasis.


Feel like your outdoor space is too exposed? Don’t want your neighbors spying on everything your family is doing? Redoing your outdoor living space can involve adding in natural elements that make it more private. You’d be shocked at how much more private your space will feel with some well-placed plants, hedges, rocks, or even a pergola.


Instead of spending all that cash to travel to a far-away destination for some relaxation, why not bring a piece of paradise to your own backyard? Now you can feel like you’re at a beautiful resort, living a life of luxury, but you never have to leave! You get to enjoy it every single day, and you can just grab a cool one from your fridge! Sounds like heaven, right?


We get it. Spending money to redo your yard is not cheap, but this is an investment that will keep giving back while you live in your beautiful home. Turn that “someday” outdoor project into a “now” project so your kids can enjoy it with you while they’re still living at home. Think of all the memories you’ll make with barbecues, pool parties, and dinners on the back patio.


Bonus, turning your average backyard into a stunning oasis will be an investment towards the resale value of your house when it does come time to say goodbye. It’s a win-win to make your outdoor space more aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable. You get to enjoy it now and you’ll get quicker offers on your home when prospective buyers’ jaws drop as they step outside.

Ready to take the plunge and turn your outdoor space into a place that you never want to leave? Contact Consumers’ Choice Award Winner, Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, to schedule a consultation in the metro Atlanta area. The dedicated design team will transform your outdoor space and make your dream into a reality. Their trusted engineers and builders will provide quality craftsmanship to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end result. It’s your home and Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces wants you to absolutely love your outdoor space by the time they’re through!

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