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4 Considerations When Lighting Your Custom Swimming Pool

custom swimming pool can provide you with your own private oasis for relaxing with family, getting vigorous exercise, and entertaining  guests. Following installation, you might want to add lights to the pool and surrounding features, which can add function and aesthetic value to the area while extending pool hours. Here’s what to keep in mind as you plan your lighting design with a pool contractor. 

What’s Important for Swimming Pool Lighting?

1. Efficiency 

Halogen and LED lights are the two most common options for custom swimming pools. Halogen is a type of incandescent bulb that includes a small amount of halogen gas, which makes the bulb brighter and increases its life span. LEDs, short for light-emitting diodes, illuminate via an electrical current that moves through a microchip. 

Since LED lights operate 90% more efficiently than their incandescent counterparts, you can conserve energy and reduce utility expenses by installing them in and around the pool. You may also save energy and create a warm glow in your pool area by having a fire pit installed on a nearby patio.

2. Color 

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LED lights are available in a range of colors that can change the hue of your pool water. A contractor may install underwater well lights in the walls or along the bottom of your oasis and include colorful LED bulbs in them. Select a specific color, such as a soothing green or calming lavender, or opt for programmable bulbs that allow you to change their shade with an app on your smartphone or tablet. 

3. Safety 

Installing well lights in the pool can keep the water clearly visible after dark. These help prevent anyone from accidentally falling in and allow you to see while swimming at night. 

Path lighting or torchlights installed along the perimeter of the pool deck and pathways leading to it make walking surfaces easy to see and navigate after nightfall. Additionally, you might add recessed lights to any steps leading up to the deck to prevent trips and falls. 

4. Focal Points

Since trees, plants, and flowers surrounding your oasis might not be visible after sunset, you can use spotlights to highlight your favorite features. For instance, uplights, which feature a stream of light that points upward, can illuminate the trunks, branches, and canopies of beautiful trees. Downlights, which cast light at a downward angle, may showcase smaller shrubs, flowers, and other low-lying landscaping features after dark.


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