Posted on September 8, 2020

3 Ways You Can Use Night Lights This Summer

Summer is the time for adventures, for late night chats with friends and family, and for swimming until the heat runs out (which is unlikely to happen in Atlanta). The best time to go outside during the summer is when the sun has slipped away and the air is just starting to cool. Unfortunately, for the unenlightened (pun definitely intended!), that means struggling to find flashlights and handheld lanterns that won’t attract bugs. Our award-winning company, Night Vision Outdoor Lighting, offers several unique options for lighting up your outdoors.

1. Home Accent Lighting

Your home is your castle, and highlighting your home’s architectural features can draw attention to the unique characteristics. With outdoor lighting strategically placed, you can roll back the darkness and put it all on display and accentuate the beauty. With the right variety of lights you can create a brilliant home, one to admire. Lighting the pathway to your house, illuminating doors and windows, and decorating trees and plants in your garden are all excellent ways to capture attention and admiration. 

2. Landscape Lighting

You’ve worked hard designing your landscape. Every tree and bush carved to perfection, the pond fresh and sparkling, the flowers blooming and carefully arranged. With landscape lighting, you can carefully illuminate each aspect of your yard to create a stunning effect for all who enter. With personalized placements to safely lead guests to your door. 

3. Specialty Lighting

Are you a lover of art? Or maybe just enough of a romantic to furnish an outdoor gazebo? If so, specialty lighting may be for you. Introducing lighting to your backyard oasis can add beauty and elegance and create a unique experience for you and your guests. 

If the idea of lighting up the exterior of your home and landscape sounds like the perfect addition to your curb appeal, contact the stellar team at Night Vision to find out how they can help!

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