3 Ways to Beat The Blues This Winter
Posted on December 18, 2016

3 Ways to Beat The Blues This Winter

As we push on through the holiday season and prepare to settle in for the chill of winter, it’s important to remember that the seasonal changes can be difficult for many individuals who suffer from symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Very simply put, Seasonal Affective Disorder is one of the main reasons behind why so many people become gloomy and bored during the colder months of the years. It’s darker outside earlier, there’s not enough of the sunlight that we crave and require, and being cold all of the time is just generally miserable, so it’s no surprise that most people will experience some form of the blues this winter. With a little guidance and some planning ahead, you can keep yourself in good spirits through to spring.

  1. Surround Yourself With Light: Since the light and warmth of the sunny spring and summer months is what contributes to our improved moods during those seasons, it makes sense that maintaining those factors during the winter months would help keep away moodiness. Keep your home well-lit, invest in some candles that smell and look nice to you, and if need be you can purchase a sun lamp to provide your body with some serotonin boosting rays while indoors.
  2. Practice Hygge: While this has been a lifestyle for Danish people for quite some time, the practice of hygge has gained a great deal of popularity in recent times. Simply put, hygge is quite literally the practice of living a lifestyle of coziness and warmth. Elements range from lighting candles and fires in the fireplace, to making hearty meals to share with a large group of the ones you love. Put fuzzy, warm blankets on the couches and beds, invest in some warm, knitted socks and sweaters, and make sure that your home is full of everything that makes you feel cozy and loved, be it warm pastries and hot cocoa or a stack of new books to keep you entertained.
  3. Get Out Of The House: While this may seem counter intuitive, sometimes the best remedy for the winter blues is to not get cooped up in the house 24/7. Bundle up, go outside, and explore your town. Investigate some new shops or restaurants, go ice skating, or simply just take a walk in the park. The fresh air will bring enough clarity and focus to stave off any impending weather related bad moods.

With all of this in mind, remember that the winter months are only temporary. Enjoy having an excuse to snuggle up with the ones you love everyday, and maintain a positive mindset. The warmth of spring is just around the corner.

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