Posted on November 2, 2021

Whether it was a stray baseball toss or heavy hail, your window can encounter a host of foreign objects that can cause it to break. While you’re waiting for the replacement window to arrive, there are several steps you can take to secure the structure and avoid additional damage. Here are some tips to keep your home protected from the elements while you wait.

How to Patch Up Your Window Before a Replacement Arrives

1. Remove Shattered Glass

Put on a pair of gloves and carefully remove the broken pieces from the window frame to avoid injuries. If there are small children or pets in the household, section off the area to keep them from touching the window or coming across broken glass. As you wait for a replacement, continue to monitor the area for any shards or tiny pieces of glass that may have fallen on the floor. Sweep them up and immediately discard them to prevent injuries.

2. Apply Plastic Covering

Once you’ve removed all the broken glass, use heavy-duty plastic to cover the compromised area. Measure the dimensions, apply the plastic, and secure it with duct or packing tape. Place tape on both sides of the windowpane, as well, to help keep air drafts and rain from entering. If the window has a wooden frame, you can also use a staple gun to secure the plastic to it while you wait for a replacement window.

3. Fill In With Shellac

Small cracks caused by hail or gravel can be filled in with shellac, a sticky resin that helps keep the window intact. To apply it, clean the area around the damaged spot and then apply a layer of transparent shellac and allow it to dry. Continue with several applications until the hole or crack is even with the undamaged window section. If needed, apply extra layers of shellac for further protection.


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