Posted on July 23, 2021

You may not need to knock down a wall or pay for a major renovation after all.  Paint is a powerful, budget-friendly tool for making changes to your home. 

Certain paint colors, combinations, and how the paint is applied can fool the eye into believing your room is larger, taller, and even wider than it is.


Tips on Changing the Space of a Room With Paint

Painting a room isn’t just about adding color; it has the power to influence moods, creates ambiance, and yes, even alters the perceived dimensions. 

1. Enlarge a small space

If you have a room that feels too small for your liking, you don’t have to take drastic measures for more space. Instead, use the power of paint in the following ways for the desired effect:

  • Use pale, light colors or even white to make a room appear larger than it is. 
  • Use the same color on your walls, the trim, doors, as well as ceiling. 
  • It’s also helpful to use the same color on the walls of adjoining rooms to further expand the effect. Light colors and soft tones can add an airy and open appearance. 


2. Add height to a room

There are several ways that the right paint combination can make a room look taller.

  •  Use white or a light color for the ceiling and a dark color for the walls.   The lighter color will naturally draw attention upwards.
  • Paint vertical stripes to draw the eye upward for a taller appearance. 
  • Extend the paint of the ceiling down a few inches. 
  • Paint the trim the same color as your walls as it creates a streamlined effect and avoids the obvious cutoff made from contrasting colors.


3. Make a narrow room appear wider

You can create a wider appearance with a two-tone technique. Paint the ceiling and the bottom half of the walls white (or a white hue of your liking). Use a dark color for the upper half of the walls. 

Paint horizontal stripes of the same width for an expanding illusion. 


Count on the Experts

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