Posted on January 25, 2021

If you’re interested in having a swimming pool installed in your backyard, you might assume that the work should be completed in the summer. However, it’s beneficial to contact a swimming pool contractor and get started during the colder months, especially if you live in a warm or moderate climate. The following guide explains why winter is the best time of year to install this fun feature.

Why Should You Hire a Swimming Pool Contractor Over the Winter?

1. Better Scheduling Flexibility

Summer is the busiest season for swimming pool contractors. This can make it difficult to schedule prompt service, and you might have to wait longer to have your ideal setup installed. Building a pool during the offseason gives you more time to find a reputable company. It allows for more personalized service, and it will also be easier to make time on your calendar without a slew of summer activities getting in the way. 

2. Increased Pool Time During Summer

swimming pool contractor

Swimming pool installation is a lengthy process, so waiting until summer means that you lose valuable sun time while it’s being constructed. Unplanned obstacles—like yard obstructions or extreme weather—could also impact the timeline. Since you’re not impatiently waiting to take a dip during winter, it’s easier to navigate potential scheduling changes. Having the pool completed while it’s cold out gives you ample time to enjoy this new feature come summer.

3. Added Ability to Maintain Landscaping

Constructing a pool requires heavy equipment and a decent amount of space, so it might be necessary to remove landscaping features or reconfigure the entire backyard design. Scheduling the installation for the winter ensures your yard is ready for gardening and looking its best as soon as spring hits. Avoiding the summer months also allows you to avoid conflicts with landscaping contractors.


If you’re looking for a swimming pool contractor to work with this winter, turn to Artistic Pools in Atlanta, GA. This company is a multi-year Consumers’ Choice Award winner and specializes in luxury designs that are customized to each client. Their experienced team draws up plans for each pool and works with residential and commercial clients throughout the entire process to ensure their needs are met. Whether you need pool repair, remodeling, or installation, these contractors are equipped to handle the job. Visit them online to view examples of their work, and call (770) 458-9177 to request a consultation. 

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