10 Tips for Selling Your Home
Posted on January 29, 2014

Selling a home in any market can be a vexing proposition. Fortunately there are some modern tools that can make showing a home and then closing a sale easier. So here are 10 Tips for Selling Your Home.

1. Most people start their home search by looking at online listings. Make certain that your realtor has a good online listing operation, showcasing homes in an attractive fashion.

2. You can also use social media to good effect on one’s own. For instance, you can create a little video showing off your home, with testimonials from your family about why it is such a great place to live. Along those lines, Facebook and twitter are good tools to get the word out that your home is up for sale.

3. Inform your neighbors that your home is up for sale, they may know people who are house hunting and will be able to bring in prospective buyers.

4. Presentation is Key; make sure that your home looks ready to be sold. Look after repairs that may have been neglected. Do a termite inspection. Give your home a fresh coat of paint and make sure that the landscaping is attractive.

5. You can also help a prospective buyer imagine that the new home is going to be his or her own by packing up personal items, such as family photos and so on. This will also give you a chance to throw out anything that adds to clutter and you didn’t plan to take with you, thus adding to the appeal of the home.

6. Consider leaving some items behind, such as stainless steel kitchen appliances, they’re definitely in with buyers. This will add to its attractiveness and to the value of the home.

7. You should also make sure that your home is easy to get into for prospective buyers. That means giving your realtor a copy of the house keys or making sure someone is at home to let home shoppers in.

8. It’s vital to have a realistic value of your home. A lot of homes go begging if the price is too much above market value. Work with your realtor to find out what the prices of similar homes in your area sold for in previous months, and then set your price a little below that figure. There is nothing like a good deal to attract buyers and perhaps receive multiple offers.
9. It is always a good idea to check out the competition, find out what condition other homes are in that are on the market, and make sure yours is attractive by comparison.
10. Above all, listen to your realtor. An experienced and successful realtor with a proven track record will be instrumental for getting your home sold for a good price. Consider contacting our Consumers’ Choice Award winners:

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