Posted on May 21, 2022


10 Tips For Garage Door Safety Month

May is Garage Door Safety Month, encouraging homeowners to inspect their garage doors. Your garage door is likely the most used entrance to your home, yet you probably don’t think about maintaining it or regularly inspecting it. Heavy usage can cause parts to wear down or become damaged, posing safety risks.

Here Are 10 Garage Door Safety Tips: 

  1. Take your garage door opener with you whenever you leave your vehicle. 
  2. Manually lock the garage door if you’ll be away for an extended period of time. 
  3. Know how to use the manual release option. If you haven’t used it before, practice so you’ll know what to do in an emergency. 
  4. Keep the remote out of your children’s reach. Not just to avoid injury, but they could also unintentionally leave the door open, posing a safety risk.
  5. Teach your children never to run under the garage door while it’s moving or play under it while it is up. Even with safety sensors in place, accidents can happen.
  6. Keep your fingers away from moving parts and between the door’s panels to avoid injury. 
  7. Always lock the door leading from your garage to your home. Your garage door opener code can be hacked, your remote can be stolen, and thieves can find ways to engage the manual release function. 
  8. Listen to the door as it opens and closes. Does it scrape, grind, shriek, or shake so fiercely that your entire garage vibrates? Look at the springs and cables for signs of wear or damage. Keep the tracks clean and lubricated to allow the rollers to move smoothly. 
  9. Test the sensors to make sure they work properly. Place something in front of the sensor eyes to see if the door stops and reverses when closing.
  10. Have a professional maintenance plan to keep your door and opener working effectively. 

Garage door safety needs to be taken seriously to prevent injuries, damage, and security problems. If you’re ready for maintenance or even a new garage door, here are three Consumers’ Choice Award winners who can help you with your repairs and replacements:

Attempting to fix your garage door on your own is unsafe; leave it to the experts.

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