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How often does the Consumers’ Choice Award conduct a survey?

The award is an annual event. A new survey is conducted each year for each market.

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Who does the polling?

The Consumers' Choice Award commissions the study to Survey Sampling International, a global leader in consumer research.

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Who is being polled?

Survey Sampling International invites its registered respondent population to participate in each consumer study it undertakes. Depending on the size of the market, the respondent population can range from 15,000 to 50,000 people. Typically, 15% of respondents participate in any given study. For the consumer study respondents must be at least 18 years of age and reside in the target market. For commercial services the respondents are middle to upper management individuals of small to medium size businesses.

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How is this information received?

The modality for performing this research is over the internet. The survey questionnaire is completed on-line and submitted to the polling company.

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How many categories are there?

There are approximately 100 categories of industries shared among service providers and retail on the consumer portion of the study. The commercial side of the study has approximately 40 categories of business services. The actual number of categories varies within different markets. New categories are introduced annually. 

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What questions are the respondents asked?

Respondents were asked the question:

We would like to know your opinion about (Specific City ) companies in various industry sectors, which have distinguished themselves the most in the last year. To help in making your choice, please base your answer on aspects such as quality, value, service and appearance of the business as well as any other elements you might consider important in making your choice.

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Can there be more than one winner in each category?

The criteria for selecting a business to award were as follows.

Two winners were selected in each category based on those businesses receiving the most votes (ie highest percentages among those casting votes in each category) All winners had to receive at least 20% of the votes cast in the category. Accordingly there were fewer than two winners in some categories. Where there was a third business whose percentage of votes cast for it was not statistically different from the second place winner, a third winner was selected.

The sample base, on which percentages were calculated, is the number of people who actually cast votes for a business in the category. "Don't Know” and "None" were removed from the base in each category.

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Is the study closed ended or open?

It is a combination of both. In selecting a business respondents are asked to choose their favorite business from a list of companies that were nominated by the general population. If the respondent does not see their favorite company on the ballot they are free to vote for it by typing the name of the business as their selection.

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Can anyone nominate their favorite businesses?

Anyone residing in the target market can participate in the nomination process. The nomination website is www.ccanominate.com. More information for consumers who wish to nominate businesses in their community is contained in this website under “The Selection Process” A link to the nomination site is also provided there.

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Other than the survey, is there any other criteria for identifying Consumers’ Choice Award Recipients?

Before a winner is declared for an industry category the business must pass an ethical business review. The Consumers’ Choice Award has hired an independent regulatory business law firm for this purpose. An advisory panel is involved in the final decision making process.

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What does winning the Consumers' Choice Award mean to a business?

The Consumers' Choice Award is considered the seal of excellence for local businesses. The award not only constitutes the crowning achievements of their efforts, but more importantly it also represents the most valuable reward of all, the knowledge that they have earned the trust and loyalty of consumers. 

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How are the award recipients acknowledged?

A congratulatory letter is received by award recipients, notifying them of their award status . Businesses that wish to participate in a promotional program can elect to do so in order to leverage their award status in the community. The promotional program includes a black tie gala where recipients are presented their award on stage. Local media, civic and business leaders are generally in attendance.

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CONSUMERS’ CHOICE AWARD” (the “Word Mark”) and the logo referred to herein as the “Certification Mark” are the sole property of  the organizer, Market Data Systems, Inc. Use of these registered  Marks without prior permission is prohibited by law.

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